Panforte di Siena: Chestnuts and Truffles TV

Cooked this today. Cooling in the tin, hoping I’ve gotten it right and won’t have all the Siena region cooks reeling back in horror..

Luca's Italy - Chestnuts and Truffles

For Tuscans, panforte means Christmas. A centuries-old tradition from the province of Siena, panforte is a rich cake made of almonds, candied peel, and honey peppered with winter spices, with a unique flavour and texture. There are several variations on the recipe for panforte, but to create this one, I went back to the official requirements of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture for Panforte di Siena IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta). The only requirement I could not fulfil was to make it in the province of Siena, as I live in the neighbouring provice of Arezzo.

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One thought on “Panforte di Siena: Chestnuts and Truffles TV

  1. Your photo on facebook looked perfect so I am sure they will approve 🙂 I’m working on a revisited version of panforte this week that will probably get me banned from the city. 🙂


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